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Atreyee Impex

At Atreyee Impex we are a growing company and work with a focus with utmost customer-centric approach, transparent business practices and with committed expertise. Our team comprises of marketing experts, strategist, planner and state-of-the-art technical support team.

We are specialized Rice Suppliers , Wheat Supplier , Wheat Flour and Spice Suppliers.
We aim to establish a strong presence in India and international markets in the field of purchase and selling of products and acquire a name of confidence + Trust among all trade segments. We hope to bring many new changes in the market with the help of integrated and innovative use of technology and establish a unique system of procurement, packing, logistics and delivering of various commodities between the buyers and sellers.
Whether you are located in Himachal or belong to Europe we ethically-source and assist in the purchase and selling of products making it easier for consumers to access them from the populate shelves of the Great Super Marts or Malls in a Metro city.
These days all consumers are concerned with the way products are packaged, marketed and sold in the consumer market, hence Atreyee Impex helps in making Smart and quick decisions for you and accesseing them with just a simple click!
We trade products and make this whole experience accessible and interesting with the help of excellent service delivery and pleasing practices. The products we deal in and the services we extend enable the importer, retailer, stockers and whole sellers to access any product from every nook and corner just at a simple touch of a button.
Atreyee Impex Product Exporting, Trading service offer various services ranging from Procurement, marketing & branding, release to intraday, planned investments, leveraged products and services for all our customers.
Our pledge to accord protected, high end services to our clientele is supported by environmental responsible services .Our motto is to emerge as “THE MOST TRUSTED” Product Exporter, Traders  and enhance the experience of purchase and selling of each and every kind of products and their trading across the globe.

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